About the Project

Ultimately, inspiration for the project comes from this:

It's a very big world.

And if we accept only what major media bombards us with, we're missing a tremendous amount.
Many are content with this. Or maybe some don't even realize what they're missing. But there's so
much beauty out there. So much brilliance.

The stories on this site are stories of artists with which I've shared wonderful conversation.
Artists who inspire me; who keep me moving.

It's my hope their brilliance has the same effect on you.

About the Author

Living in New York has its advantages

If creative artists don't reside in the area, they're bound to come through at one point or another.

Just like that steam train in the old Westerns. So picture Gregory Koutrouby, author of this project,
in black-and-white:

He's that rider emerging from off-screen, feet clinging to stirrups as his horse gallops frantically
to catch up to that moving train. Timing it just right, he leaps and grabs onto a metal handrail.
Dashingly he swings himself into the open car. And just as quickly it seems he's swinging back onto trusty steed; the prize tucked away in a sack, slung across a shoulder:

It's a wonderful story; an uplifting conversation with a beautiful mind; an incredible memory.

The artist is off to the next city. The next show. The next exhibit. And Gregory waits for that next whistle
in the distance.


Press for A Thousand Stories

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